Who is TLD Systems?

TLD Systems is a team of specialists in the world of Medicine, Law and Technology who have come together with the intention of making HIPAA compliance affordable for the sole or small practitioner.

Our team is lead by Dr. Michael Brody.  Dr. Brody has been involved in Health Information Technology extensively.  He is a nationally recognized expert within the healthcare industry on Health Information Technology and has worked with organizations such as CCHIT, HITSP, The Standards and Interoperability Framework, HL7, CP215 of ISO and HIMSS. 

Dr. Brody speaks nationally and writes extensively on HIPAA and HITECH and the process of implementing Health Information Technology in physicians offices. In addition to Dr Brody traveling across the country to consult and present educational programs, TLD Systems leverages web based educational tools to work with our clients and ensure that they remain engaged in the process of remaining HIPAA compliant.

Working side by side with Dr. Brody is Warren Melnick, Esq. In addition to being a retired attorney who has a bit of an obsession with understanding the nuances of the HIPAA rules and regulations, Melnick brings to the table over two decades of IT data security credentials, having helped many companies and clients, from the sole practitioner up to major companies in the Fortune 50 get through PCI Compliance, HIPAA security and similar audits.

Dr. Brody and Mr. Melnick are supported by a team with extensive experience in the healthcare and computer security industries to ensure that TLD Systems has the resources necessary to service our clients’ needs.